5 Thoughtful Ways To Spread Cheer When You’re Social Distancing

5 Thoughtful Ways To Spread Cheer When You’re Social Distancing

To slow the spread of the coronavirus, many people will be following social distancing guidelines for at least the next month. You want to do your part, but you also miss your loved ones. But social distancing doesn’t have to mean disconnecting!

Here are five thoughtful ways to spread cheer and stay connected during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Create a DIY Care Package

Remember how exciting it was to get care packages in college? Why not send a personalized care package to someone you know is really struggling during this time?

It could be a package of fun activities for your sister who’s working at home and trying to keep her kids busy at the same time. If your grandma is feeling lonely, you could send her a box of her favorite craft supplies. Or, send a box of your favorite foods to the friend you haven’t seen in awhile. Whatever it is, make it personal and you’ll be sure to make their day.

Host A Virtual Get-Together

Missing your coworkers? Host a virtual lunch or happy hour using video conference technology like Zoom, Google Hangouts or Houseparty. Can’t go to the gym? No problem! Create a virtual meeting for your friends and lead them through your favorite workout.

Working out with others is a great way to maintain a routine and hold yourself accountable while you’re working from home.

Order Groceries For A Neighbor

If you have an elderly neighbor or someone who needs a little extra help during this time, a simple way to spread cheer is to order them some groceries. It only takes a few minutes, but it can go a long way to make them feel loved.

Host a Neighborhood Scavenger Hunt

A great way to stay active with your family is to host a neighborhood scavenger hunt. In some neighborhoods, people are placing Teddy bears in their windows for kids to spot as they go for walks outside. You can also hide Easter eggs, host a scavenger hunt or write encouraging messages with sidewalk chalk. This will keep the kids occupied and help bring your community together during social distancing.

Send A Watercolor Orchid

Orchids symbolize love, strength and hope. And nothing says “spring” like a bright, bold Watercolor Orchid! They come in five unique colors to match any home’s aesthetic.

Like all our orchids, they’re easy to care for, and their colorful blooms last for several months.

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There are many ways you can spread cheer during social distancing, whether it’s through video chatting, sending flowers, or staying active outdoors. During times like this, it's important to remind ourselves and our loved ones that we are all in this together.

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