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Ideas for Springtime Decorating with Orchid Plants

April 5, 2022

Springtime Decorating with Orchid Plants to Liven Up Your Home

After Spring Equinox, the longer (and warmer) days bring beautiful blooms that make the landscape look like an impressionist painting. Add your own artistic flair to the mix with these springtime orchid plant decorations.

  • Oversized Shell as a Decorative Pot: Use seashells to evoke the relaxed vibe of the beach. Securely fitting an orchid into a large shell pot is simple yet stylish. For optimal aesthetics, use an orchid color that contrasts with the color of the shell. 
  • Upcycled Treasures for a Rustic Look: Be eco-friendly this spring by giving old items a new purpose. Decorate birdcages with orchids and then hang them from a tree branch above your outdoor table or use a watering can as a flower pot.
  • Add Touches of Color Everywhere: Experiment with color and placement for those surprising pops of color we experience each spring. Blue watercolor orchids give bathrooms a relaxing spa vibe while yellow orchids add a cheerful note to kitchens. Add surprising pops of color to refresh rooms with softer gray tones.
When transferring your orchids to a decorative container, keep them in their plastic grower pots. This keeps their "feet" dry and allows you to empty any excess water from the bottom of the pot.

For tips on using planters to decorate with orchid plants for springtime, check out this decorative planter project video!

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