Springtime Orchid Decorating Ideas That Will Liven Up Your Home

Springtime Orchid Decorating Ideas That Will Liven Up Your Home

orchids-watering-can-planterThe colors of spring are just beginning to make a welcome entrance after a long and icy winter. And while it won’t be much longer until your neighborhood is once again filled with beautiful outdoor greenery and flowers, you can jumpstart the season by creating one-of-a-kind springtime orchid decorations for your home.

Decorating your home with orchids during the spring is a wonderful way to enjoy the airy, bright and cheerful tones of the season indoors. We share a few springtime orchid decorating ideas to get you started here:

  • Oversized Shell as a Decorative Pot: Seashells bring to mind thoughts of the beach and warm breezes. Securely fitting an orchid into an oversized shell is both simple and stylish in appearance and adds a touch of elegance to any space. For best aesthetic results, use an orchid color that contrasts with the color of the shell.
  • Umbrella Wreath Decoration: “April showers bring May flowers,” and this wreath is a whimsical reminder of the spring season. To really brighten up your home, fill the umbrella with two-toned Phalaenopsis orchids and feature the wreath against a pastel-painted wall for a burst of color that will land you many compliments.
  • Rustic Outdoor Party Decorations: Thinking about throwing a garden party or an outdoor luncheon? You would be surprised at the different orchid decorations you can use outside. For example, birdcages—used for their charm and “shabby chic” elegance—are stunning when accentuated with orchids. For a country chic look, hang birdcages from a tree branch above your table.
  • Unique Flowerpots: Like the umbrella wreath discussed above, you can really showcase the beauty of a vibrant orchid in unique flowerpots. You can use a traditional tin watering can or you can go for a bolder look with a bright yellow and white polka dot pot, like the one seen here. Place these tins or pots as a tabletop decoration or in any corner of your home or office for a fun springtime look.

To keep your orchids healthy, never remove them from their plastic grower pots before placing them in decorative pots or another container. Clear plastic grower pots not only allow you to see your plants’ roots, they also allow you to easily empty any excess water from the bottom of the pot.

Want to see how we decorate with orchids in the spring? Check out this decorative planter project video!

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