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The Phalaenopsis Orchid: The Perfect House Plant, Part 1 Of 2

October 4, 2013

orchid-for-homeMany people may choose an English Ivy or other types of simpler house plants instead of choosing a Phalaenopsis orchid when looking for something new to add to their home. Even those who are avid gardeners may find the dainty looking orchid plant to be intimidating and a challenge to grow. Orchids have a reputation for being needy and difficult to grow, but in reality they are quite easy to tend to, they just have different needs than other types of house plants.

Best Orchid for Beginners

For those who are new to growing orchids or those who love the beautiful blooms, the Phalaenopsis orchid is considered to be the best orchid for beginners. Our online video will help you pick the perfect orchid for your home.

Phalaenopsis orchids are also known as “moth orchids” for the shape of their petals. Phalaenopsis orchids are great house plants because they are more forgiving if a mistake is made during their upkeep. They are also known for their blooms’ lasting longer than other types of orchids. Blooms on Phalaenopsis orchid plants come in a variety of colors that are both vivid and varied.

Some of the fundamental differences between orchids and house plants are:

  • Phalaenopsis orchids are never able to grow in soil. Knowing that orchids grow in the wild in rocks and up among trees, you can see why orchids growing as house plants must be grown in a different medium than soil. Indoor Phalaenopsis orchids grow in sphagnum moss, clay pellets, and fir bark.
  • Watering house plants may seem easy as you move about from plant to plant with a watering can. Phalaenopsis orchids don’t need much water and their roots should never remain soaking in water in a collection run-off tray. Watering Phalaenopsis orchids is super easy as you only need to place three ice cubes in the pot once each week for the best growing results. Just Add Ice offers several options for watering reminder services – a desktop calendar, email reminders or by simply texting ORCHID to 84700 to receive SMS reminders – so that you never need to worry about forgetting to add ice to your beautiful orchid plants.

Check back with us to learn more about why the Phalaenopsis orchid is the perfect house plant.