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The Proper Light Exposure for your Phalaenopsis Orchid

October 25, 2013

proper-lighting-orchidsPhalaenopsis orchids, otherwise known as “moth orchids,” are known for their exquisite blooms. Though the Phal is easier to maintain than some other flowers, it still needs proper care to flourish. Not to be overlooked in a Phal’s care regimen, proper light exposure is crucial to your orchid’s health.

Let’s go over some light exposure basics:

  • Phalaenopsis orchids require lots of bright, but indirect light. The important takeaway here is that your Phal shouldn’t be placed directly in the path of sunlight. This can cause damage to your orchid’s leaves and lead to premature bloom drop.
  • To ensure your Phal doesn’t get too much sun, put sheer curtains up in the windows. Sheer curtains provide just the right amount of separation to keep your orchid safe and sound.
  • Moth orchids also do just fine in a well lit room. So when sunlight is scarce, give your orchid plenty of artificial light wherever it lives in your home or office.
  • It’s okay if you decide to put your Phalaneopsis orchid on a windowsill. If you go this route, remember to stick with north and east-facing windows for your Phal. This puts them at the least risk for direct exposure to sunlight. If all you have are south-facing windows, keep your orchid at a distance in the room to avoid sunburn.

Has your Phal had too much sun? On the contrary, could it use some more?

To answer this question, check out your orchid’s leaves. A healthy plant that has been exposed to just the right amount of sun will have strong leaves that are a light to medium shade of green. It is also a good sign if you see a hint of red at the base of its leaves. If your Phalaenopsis orchid needs more sun, you’ll notice that its leaves have turned a darker green, and are starting to droop. If, on the other hand, your orchid has been overexposed to sunlight, it could turn bleach white, or if sunburned, a shade of dark red.

For more on the proper light exposure for your Phal, check out these light tips!

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