Top Orchid Repotting Tips

Top Orchid Repotting Tips

Repotting your Just Add Ice orchid is essential for maintaining the health of the plant. For novice orchid growers, the repotting process can seem intimidating and leave you with many questions. To help you take the best care of your blooms, we’ve compiled this handy list of top repotting tips.

Read on to learn more about when you should repot, what containers to use, step-by-step instructions and more.

Why Should I Repot My Orchid?

Repotting your blooms can have several benefits such as potentially removing an unpleasant smell, providing it with a larger home and replacing the medium, which provides crucial support and nutrients for its roots. Repotting also encourages your orchid to rebloom. Read more about how these top three repotting benefits can help extend the life of your orchid.

What Type of Container Should I Use?

Most Phalaenopsis orchids come in clear grower pots. The clear pot allows the owner to inspect the orchid’s roots without having to lift it out of a decorative pot. However, orchids can be planted in any container as long as it provides adequate drainage and air flow. Check out the container options, what constitutes adequate drainage and more in this post. If you’re debating whether a plastic or clay container is the best option for your orchid, here is some information outlining the benefits of both.

How do I Know When It’s Time to Repot?

Phalaenopsis orchids need repotting every 1 to 2 years, usually during the spring or summer. You’ll want to wait until your orchid is done blooming to repot. It can be easy to forget the last time you repotted, but don’t worry. If it’s been a while since the last time you repotted or you aren’t sure if it needs done, here are 4 signs that it’s time.

What do I do After My Orchid Has Been Repotted?

Giving your orchid a little TLC after its been repotted can give it a little boost. For 3-4 weeks following the repot, place your orchid in an area where it will receive slightly less light. This helps to reduce the stress from repotting. You’ll also want to lightly mist your orchid’s leaves for 2 weeks after you’ve repotted to encourage root growth. Get more pointers on providing your orchid with some post-repotting TLC here.

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