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Why You Should Use Mini Orchids for Your Next Corporate Event

July 21, 2015

When you’re planning a corporate event, it’s easy to get caught up in the business details—who should be invited, what the agenda should be—but sometimes it’s the finer details of an event that end up making a big impact. Case in point: flowers. Even though décor might not be at the top of your event-planning list, there are several reasons why incorporating flowers into your next corporate event is a great idea:

  • Improved atmosphere: Flowers have a naturally calming effect and can help improve the overall atmosphere of your event. 
  • Improved moods: Being in the presence of flowers can also have a positive effect on the moods of your participants. 
  • Improved concentration: Studies have shown the presence of plants in a workplace can actually improve concentration and focus. 

Ready to add flowers into the plans for your next corporate event, but not sure where to start? Well, don’t worry—we have the perfect solution: bulk mini orchids

3 Reasons Mini Orchids Are Perfect for Corporate Events 

1. They Brighten up Any Space 

Thanks to their smaller size, mini orchids are incredibly versatile and can be incorporated into virtually any event space. The wide variety of color options make it easy to match mini orchids to your existing décor and improve the design of your event space almost instantly. 

2. They’re Easy to Use

Bulk mini orchids don’t require any additional decoration supplies or flower arranging skills—just take them out of the container and put them where you want them. They come in assorted colors with a ceramic pot and sleeve for easy handling. 

3. They’re Versatile

There are also several different ways you can utilize mini orchids in an office or corporate environment, making them a versatile investment for your business. Here are a few ideas for creative ways to add a little color and elegance to your next event: 

  • Table décor: A collection of mini orchids can make the perfect centerpiece to decorate your event space without distracting from the purpose of the gathering. 
  • Seating tags: If your event has assigned seating, mini orchids are small enough to act as place cards to tell your guests where to sit. 
  • Favors for attendants: Similarly, mini orchids can double as a favor for attendants. Your guests can then take their orchid back to their office as a perfect new desk companion.  

Now you know that next time you’re planning a corporate event, you can rest easy when it comes to deciding on the decorations. With all of the great reasons to choose mini orchids, why would you consider anything else?

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