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Using Mini Orchids as Memorial Gifts

August 23, 2016

When someone dies, our first instinct is to send memorial flowers to the family or provide an arrangement for the service. While this tradition is certainly still appreciated, there is a way you can make sure your gift is remembered by the family of the deceased long after the service.

For starters, if you want the family to take your arrangement with them after the service is concluded, funeral homes recommend gifting a potted plant or easily transportable basket. In that case, using mini orchids as memorial gifts offers the perfect solution. Due to their small size and potted nature, mini orchids can easily be given as a clustered arrangement in a basket that can later be divided among family members. Plus, since mini orchids are easy to care for, you won’t be burdening the family of the deceased with a plant that is difficult to keep alive.

In fact, orchids aren’t just a beautiful choice for a memorial gift—they’re also symbolic. They’re known to symbolize undying love and renewal, which could be the perfect sentiment to share with your loved ones in their time of loss. If you’d like to make your memorial gift more personalized, we have a few ideas:

Color Choice

While pink and white are the most common orchid colors chosen for memorial arrangements, you could choose a color that was particularly meaningful to the deceased or the family. However, certain orchid colors have different symbolic meanings, so make sure you aren’t unintentionally sending the wrong message.


If you choose to arrange the mini orchids in a basket or other container, you can wrap the entire arrangement with a memorial ribbon that displays the deceased name or a comforting quote. This is another area where you could choose colors that help personalize your gift.

Pot Decoration

Since each mini orchid comes in its own pot, you could take the time to decorate each pot with a written memory or with photographs. The possibilities here are endless, so don’t be afraid to use your creativity after deciding on the appropriate gesture.

In times of loss, the bereaved are more likely to remember personal gestures that uniquely acknowledge the life of their loved one. Choosing a mini orchid as a memorial gift is one way to show them a little extra support during this difficult time.Download our guide and learn how to decorate with mini orchids