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How to Decide Where to Buy Orchids

July 25, 2017

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When you’re deciding where to buy orchids it’s important to keep four key health qualities in mind. These important features include understanding the number of blooms an orchid may have, examining the quality of those blooms, analyzing the color of the leaves along with the health of the potting media. 

4 Key Health Qualities That Determine Where to Buy Orchids 
  • Number of Blooms
  • Quality of Blooms 
  • Color of Leaves 
  • Health of Potting Media 

Whether you’re buying orchids for yourself or for someone special, it’s important to choose wisely. Next time you’re interested in buying orchids, keep these four key health qualities in mind and make your purchase accordingly. 

Number of Blooms

While the potted orchid you buy in a store may not be fully bloomed, you can look at the number of flowers and buds to know what to expect. In fact, choosing an orchid with buds means you’ll be able to enjoy the blooming phase of your orchid for longer.

Quality of Blooms

Look carefully at the flowers that are already in bloom. The petals should look healthy and vibrant. Also, examine the stems to make sure they’re sturdy and haven’t sustained any damage.

Color of Leaves

The color of your orchid’s leaves is a strong indicator of how healthy the plant is overall. Healthy Phalaenopsis orchids have bright green leaves with subtle yellow undertones. Your best bet is to purchase a plant with leaves the color of healthy green grass.

Health of the Potting Media

Since orchid potting media is different from commercial potting soil, there are a few things you’ll want to double check before you purchase your orchid. First, make sure there are no white spots or bugs hiding in the pot. These could be signs of mold and overwatering, which can affect the overall health of your plant.

Beyond checking off these important health indicators, the rest comes down to aesthetics. If you have a particular spot in your home in mind for your plant, consider which color blooms will look best with your décor. Since Phalaenopsis orchids come in a wide variety of colors, you’ll have lots of beautiful options to choose from.

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