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Three Orchid Colors That Are Perfect For Expectant Mothers

September 28, 2023

On the lookout for a meaningful gift for an expectant mother? Wow her at the baby shower when you present her with a beautiful, live orchid! Orchids represent fertility, making them appropriate gifts for the occasion. There are three orchid colors that are particularly well-suited for celebrating newborns.

In ancient Chinese culture, it was believed orchids encouraged couples to produce more than one child, so if you know that's the goal of the family you're buying the gift for -- or they're expecting multiples -- consider attaching a note that explains this, along with some orchid color symbolism as a way of wishing the expectant parents well in building their family!

Pink Orchids and the Ancient Greeks

Pink Orchids Baby Shower 1

In Ancient Greece, it was believed orchids had the power to determine a baby’s gender. Fathers would eat a large tuber if a male child was desired; mothers would eat a smaller tuber in hopes of a daughter.

Pink orchids, in particular, were associated with affection and still are! This calming color is also associated with kindness and love. What could be a more perfect color for decorating a baby's room?

Blue-Colored Orchids for Boys and Girls

Well, blue is also a great color for newborns! Like pink, blue is a calming color and is associated with water, emotions and imagination. 

According to Business Insider, pink used to be associated more with masculine qualities while blue was associated with feminine qualities due to the Virgin Mary's blue robe. This flip-flopped in the 1950s, but today, both blue and pink are perfectly appropriate for babies, regardless of gender.

Yellow Orchids: A Versatile Baby Color

Yellow Orchid Baby Shower 3

Yellow is associated with the sunshine and joy that new babies bring. It's a complementary color to blue and also goes well with pink. 

Yellow orchids brighten up darker rooms, so even if the parents decide not to incorporate this plant into the existing baby room decor, they will certainly find a great spot for it elsewhere in the home.

More Orchid Color Symbolism

If you can't decide whether to go with pink, blue or yellow orchids, consider all three! And while these three orchid colors make great baby shower gifts, it's always a good idea to check with the parents about baby room themes and colors.

Each orchid color is symbolic, so choosing a color that is meaningful to the family and that goes with the baby's room decor will certainly be appreciated!

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