Your Ultimate Playlist for Growing Orchids

Your Ultimate Playlist for Growing Orchids

The positive effect of music has been studied on everything from babies in the womb to the study habits of teenagers. In fact, some even believe that music can have a positive effect on the growth of plants, thanks to the experiments conducted by Dorothy Retallack in 1973. 

Retallack tested the effect of different types and constancies of music on the growth of plants. Remarkably, she found that plants tended to “prefer” different types of music over others — even going so far as to grow “away” from speakers playing music that wasn’t considered “soothing.” 

Want to conduct your own musical plant growth experiment with your orchids? We’ve got just the playlist for you. Plus, we’ve included several genres so you can figure out what your particular plants prefer.

(Disclaimer: We don’t actually have any scientific evidence that any of these songs will promote orchid growth … but it’s worth a shot!)

  1. The Orchids, “She’s My Girl.” What would an orchid-growing playlist be without at least one song from the Scottish band named for our favorite blooms? Check out their newest single, “She’s My Girl” 

  2. Travis, “Flowers in the Window.” You’d be hard-pressed to find a happier song for your orchids’ enjoyment, especially since the lyrics specifically suggest, “Let’s watch the flowers grow.” (As lovely as the idea of flowers in the window is, remember that your orchids like indirect light best!)

  3. Mickey Gilley, “I Overlooked an Orchid.” Although the plants in Retallack’s experiments didn’t respond to country Western music, your orchids are sure to enjoy the message of this song. And we have to agree — orchids are better than roses.

  4. Blue October, “Black Orchid.” This soothing and mellow tune could be just what your plant needs to avoid becoming a dreaded “black orchid.” (Also remember that your orchid mostly needs proper watering, sunlight and temperature!)

  5. The Platters, “Orchids in the Moonlight.” You’ll never know if your orchids like tango music if you don’t give this one a shot.

Did we leave your favorite orchid-related song off the list? Share your favorite flower-growing songs in the comments below. We’d love to know how your orchids respond to our playlist, so don’t forget to share your results of your experiments.

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