What Causes Orchids to Lose Their Buds?

What Causes Orchids to Lose Their Buds?

One of the joys of owning Just Add Ice Orchids is their long blooming period. Phalaenopsis orchids are a particularly hardy member of the orchid family and, with proper care, often bloom for as long as 3 months! But, as with all living plants, Phalaenopsis orchids are susceptible to certain environmental factors that can cause the orchid plant to lose its buds, sometimes within days of arriving in your home.

If your orchid is suffering from bud blast, the premature dropping of its buds, the flower’s buds may begin to soften or the buds may become dry and brittle. In either case, the buds will begin to fall off the orchid stalk before opening into flowers. (Similar softening or drying can also occur to open orchid blooms, causing them to drop prematurely. When open blooms are affected, the condition is called bloom blast.)

Bloom and bud blast are generally caused by a sudden change in the orchid’s environment that traumatizes the plant’s systems. Dropping its buds or flowers signals the orchid’s reaction to environmental shock and is the plant’s way of protecting itself. By shedding its buds, the orchid can divert more energy to maintaining its vital systems.

Knowing the common causes of bud blast can help you protect your Just Add Ice Orchid and keep it healthy:

  • Exposure to drafts and other sudden temperature changes are the primary cause of bud blast.
  • Because Just Add Ice Orchids obtain much of their moisture from the air, changes in humidity can also trigger bud loss.
  • The ethylene gas emitted by ripening fruit (including oranges, apples, bananas, etc.) can cause bud blast in orchids that are displayed in the same area. If you keep a fruit bowl on your kitchen counter or table, do not display your orchid nearby.

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