Personalizing Pots Filled With Phalaenopsis Orchids For Mother’s Day

Personalizing Pots Filled With Phalaenopsis Orchids For Mother’s Day

Giving the gift of Phalaenopsis orchids for Mother’s Day or any other occasion is a wonderful idea. The colorful selection of Phalaenopsis orchids and the easy care of the beautiful plants make them the perfect gift for Mom from little and big kids.

There are many ways that children can personalize the pot that the Phalaenopsis orchid is placed in that will show Mom how much they care. 

For younger kids…

Little children love stickers and they would love to go to town decorating a beautiful ceramic glazed pot with their favorite stickers.

You can keep things simple and paint a clay pot with chalkboard paint. Then let your little ones write a special message right on the pot!

Another option would be to paint a paper Mache clay pot with acrylic paints.  It might take a couple of coats of paint. After the paint is completely dry, draw out the word “Mommy” or “Mom” on the flower pot in block lettering with a Sharpie. Let the kids paint the inside of the words whatever color they like.  Dip the kid’s fingertips in different colors of paint to make fingertip polka dots around the rim of the flower pot. The final decorating step is to use Mod Podge to cover the exterior of the pot completely to seal in the beautiful artwork. Place a beautiful Phalaenopsis orchid inside of the new flower pot, being sure to leave it inside of its original clear plastic grower pot.

For older kids…

Using specialty glass paint, paintable clings, adhesive silkscreen with detailed designs or their own powerful imagination on clear vases that are short or tall, plain oversized coffee mugs, or even simple mason jars are the perfect avenue to showcase a teen’s personal style when a Phalaenopsis orchid is used.

For families with several children, Mom would surely enjoy a sweet grouping of these beautiful decorated pots or containers on her dining room table, bedroom dresser, bathroom, or any other location in the home.

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