Caring for Orchids and Yourself - Part I

Caring for Orchids and Yourself - Part I

In searching for tips to share on repotting your orchids, we came across a book called “Repotting: 10 Steps for Redesigning Your Life” which applies the principles for healthy orchids to having a fabulous life. It makes sense, since we could all use a change of pace and scenery every now and then, and orchids thrive when they’re repotted every year or so.

So we thought we’d take info from our own repotting orchids page and include tips on applying the concepts to improve your own life as well as your orchid’s well-being.

1. Check to see if your orchid has outgrown in its container, or if the media it’s has started to smell unpleasant.

Meanwhile…think about if you’ve been doing the same thing too long, and perhaps have lost your zest for life.

2. Before making any changes, prepare the plant and the new media. Wait until the orchid is has finished blooming, or remove any flower spikes, and then soak the new media for 24 hours so it will be ready to absorb moisture.

Meanwhile…take a bath, or just let new ideas soak in your head as you consider what changes you’d like to make and what steps will be necessary.

3. Remove your orchid from the old container and wash off the roots. Trim off any dead or dying roots, (these roots will be brown and soft, as opposed to live roots which are firm and white or green).

Meanwhile…think about letting go of any old ideas or feelings that no longer serve a purpose or help you grow. Get rid of junk and situations that take up space and sap your energy.

4. Select a new pot that the newly trimmed root mass will fit into comfortably.

Meanwhile…Maybe it’s time for a vacation to a new place that doesn’t require much from you but allows you to feel new and free.