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The Orchid Ladies

July 6, 2010

The Orchid Ladies are led by Peggy Herrman whose articles on growing orchids in your home have been published in Georgia Gardening Magazine.

Part 1 - They're fun to grow and easier than you think
Part 2 - Getting to the root of the matter
Part 3 - Orchids at home

Orchid Ladies work with select florists, event planners, caterers, and restaurants as well as the home enthusiast. They also conduct workshops on request. Peggy says, “I LOVE to dispel myths about growing orchids at home, in a house or in your garden. Many people in North Georgia don't realize how easy orchids are to grow. Plus we have native species in our woods that I can point out. My guess is that most folks with woods have them in their gardens without even trying.”

Their Hands-On Orchid Workshop is great for garden clubs, master gardener classes, or any group that wants tips on growing and maintaining orchids in the home. They show you how and help you get your hands dirty. With classes for 5 to 10 people, the workshop includes:

  • hors d'oeuvres and beverages (wine, hot tea, water, etc.) and box lunches if requested.
  • a mature orchid plant not in bloom.
  • a "how to" book from either the American Orchid Society or the Brooklyn Botanic Garden.
  • a small packet of hand outs in addition to the book
  • a garden tour (spring is such a stunning time of year, but there is seasonal interest year round) and
  • a tour of the greenhouse to accompany the "how to" lecture.

In addition, The Orchid Ladies offer a full range of orchids, arrangements and supplies including “The Kit” which includes:

  • a beautiful orchid in a fun container made from biodegradable rice hulls (it's so pretty, you never would have known!)
  • a simple “how to” book
  • the best orchid fertilizer available for orchids and other tropicals
  • a super pair of snips
  • a pair of Foxgloves, featured by Proven Winners
  • potting medium for your orchid
  • membership info for the American and Atlanta Orchid Societies
  • bloom clips and 2 types of stakes

Visit their webpage at to find out more, or just join their group on Facebook!