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Keeping Orchids Cool in Summer

July 2, 2010

While orchids are in bloom, their favorite daytime temperature range is from 65 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit (18– 26 Celsius) with a nighttime range of 60 to 70 F (15- 21 C). These are generally about the same temperature ranges that we humans enjoy, so wherever you’re spending your time, your orchid is likely to be quite happy.

When you want to trigger orchid reblooming, you’ll want to keep them someplace where the temperature at night is slightly lower, ideally 55 – 65 F (12 – 18 C). But during the day, they can be kept in the same place as before, with the same amount of indirect sunlight exposure.

This may mean moving your orchid (or orchids) back and forth between two locations throughout the day – once in the morning, and once again at night. If it feels warmer inside than outside at night, find a place in your yard that won’t get too much light when the sun comes up, just in case you’re not awake yet. You don’t want the poor thing to get orchid sunburn.

In addition to the temperature, keep in mind that since they’re tropical plants, they prefer 55 - 75% humidity. We humans are comfortable with relative humidity between 20 and 60%. If they’re in a draft, either cool or warm, it can dry them out, as can air conditioned rooms. If you notice that emerging flowers or leaves are deformed, it’s likely the result of low humidity.

Here’s a humidity test for the room in question: Drop three ice cubes into a glass, add water and stir. Wait three minutes. If moisture does not form on the outside of the glass, the air is too dry; you may need a humidifier.

Once you’ve found the right spots, it will be easy to help your orchid flourish!