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Just Add Ice Orchids Make Wonderful Mother’s Day Surprise

April 28, 2011

This Mother’s Day, surprise your mom with a gift as beautiful as she is – a stunning pot of Just Add Ice Orchids. Available at the peak of bloom at easy to find retailers, Just Add Ice Orchids have an exotic beauty that is as extraordinary as your mom. With large, showy blooms that attract attention, Phalaenopsis Orchids make an elegant gift your mother won’t soon forget. Easy to care for with a long bloom period, Just Add Ice Orchids will continue to bring joy and color to your mother’s life for weeks and even months to come. With minimal care, these unique orchids will bloom year after year, a perennial reminder of your love.

Just Add Ice Orchids are available in a wealth of beautiful colors that are sure to delight your mom, including bright fuchsia, sunny yellow, soft lavender, romantic peach, dramatic purple and stunning white. If your mom is already a fan of Just Add Ice Orchids, add a new color to her collection or surprise her with one of the unusual variegated, striped or spotted fancies.

Propagated to be extraordinarily easy to care for, Just Add Ice Orchids are the perfect gift for first-time orchid owners. These orchids get their name from the fool-proof watering technique designed to eliminate the guesswork from watering orchids. Overwatering is the primary cause of orchid failure. With Just Add Ice Orchids, you do exactly what the name says: once a week you just add 3 ice cubes to your orchid pot. As the ice cubes slowly melt, they provide the precise amount of water your orchid plant needs to thrive. You can even arrange for your mom to receive weekly watering reminders via email!

Photo by: ericlucky290