The Importance of Repotting for Orchid Health

The Importance of Repotting for Orchid Health

 Phalaenopsis orchids, from Just Add Ice Orchids, are incredibly easy to care for. There are a few simple practices that should be undertaken, if you want to keep your beautiful orchids healthy and flourishing for as long as possible. 

Why You Should Repot Your Orchid

As time passes, the potting medium used can begin to break down and decay. Without regular repotting and replacement of the potting medium, this breakdown can lead to root rot and compromise the health of your beloved orchids.

If your orchids are properly maintained and healthy, repotting may only be something that you need to think about once a year or possibly even once every other year. If your plant is showing signs of distress such as overwatering, pests, or diseases (or if you notice an unpleasant smell), it is time to repot!


Repotting Your Orchid In 3 Easy Steps

While repotting your Phalaenopsis orchids may not be quite as simple as watering them, it is a relatively easy task that shouldn’t take long to complete. The only things you’ll need to move your orchid to its healthier new living situation are an appropriately-sized pot, new potting medium and a pair of gardening shears

Follow these three easy steps:

1. Begin by removing your orchid from the current pot and removing any potting medium that is caught in or around the roots.

2. Look for unhealthy roots, which will be soft and brownish in color, and trim them away with the gardening shears.

3. Place the newly trimmed root ball in the smallest pot in which it will fit comfortably, then carefully fill in around the roots with the new potting medium.

Regular repotting is a fast and easy way to ensure that your orchids have the healthy environment they need to continue to grow, bloom and provide you with joy for the years to come.