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Phalaenopsis Orchids Add Elegance to Candlestick Centerpiece

January 26, 2012

We’ve been sharing floral design tips from Cleveland, Ohio wedding and event planner Stephen Tokar. Today, we show you how to create a candlestick centerpiece that is as stunning as it is quick and easy to put together. Just Add Ice Orchids are the key to the centerpiece’s beauty and simple construction. Tokar’s floral table decorations were featured on Cleveland’s WKYC-TV. Click here to watch the video; then follow the instructions below to create your own fabulous floral centerpieces for parties, events or weddings.

Orchid Candlestick Centerpiece

To decorate for a wedding or event, place a single candlestick in the center of each round table or display in groups of 3 on longer tables and buffet or serving tables.

You will need:

  • 1 clear glass pillar-style candlestick per table
  • 1 potted Just Add Ice Orchid for each candlestick
  • Floral moss
  • Clear plastic tape, 1/4 to 1/2 inch wide


  • Select clear, glass candlesticks made to hold 3-inch diameter pillar candles. Candlesticks that have a cup-like holder for the candle are preferred as they provide a secure and adequately-supported place to put the orchid. Candlesticks with a tall stem make a particularly attractive display. If grouping several orchids together, consider selecting candlesticks of varying heights. If sturdy enough to take the weight of the orchid without falling over, decorative stemware can be substituted.
  • orchid centerpiece decorationsRemove the orchid from its clear grower pot. Gently grasp the plant under the leaves and pull gently from the pot. If the orchid sticks, run a blunt knife carefully around the inside edge of the grower pot to loosen the roots, being careful not to cut into the roots. Save the grower and decorative pots so you can replant the orchids after the event.
  • Gently brush excess potting mix from the roots.
  • Place the orchid in the candle receptacle.
  • Add moss to the receptacle to cover the roots.
  • Secure the orchid and moss to the candle receptacle with at least two strips of clear plastic tape. Place the tape under the orchid’s leaves, crossing it over the roots and moss in an “X” to hold the orchid securely in place. Use additional strips of tape if necessary.