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Using Just Add Ice Orchids to Enhance Your Home’s Feng Shui

April 9, 2012

The vibrant color of Just Add Ice Orchids is one of the things that attract people to them. The wide variety of lush colors in which Just Add Ice Orchids are available is also what makes Phalaenopsis orchids a favorite choice of Feng Shui believers who use placement and color to balance the flow of energy, or “chi.” As explained in our previous post, Feng Shui seeks to create a balance of energy among the five natural elements: earth, metal, water, wood and fire. Each element represents specific human attributes and is associated with specific colors.

Using an element’s associated color in your home is believed to imbue the residents with the qualities represented by the element. For example, blue is the color of water, which represents knowledge, power and career. Feng Shui followers believe that including blue furnishings or decorative items in their home will help further their career and ensure a successful climb up the corporate ladder.

Harnessing the Power of Feng Shui

Phalaenopsis orchids have gorgeous, large-petalled blossoms that create a stunning visual display. A strategically-placed pot of Just Add Ice Orchids provides a powerful burst of color that can instantly balance a room’s energy. Use the following suggestions to enhance the Feng Shui of your home:

  • Add pink orchids, pink throw pillows or a pink cashmere throw to the master bedroom to kindle romantic passion, as pink is the universal color of love.
  • Use blue as the dominant color, including the pot you use for an orchid, in a teenager’s room to encourage learning and studying.
  • Display a pot of sunny yellow orchids on the kitchen counter to ensure your family’s health and happiness.
  • Use white orchids anywhere in your home, whether it be a bathroom or office, since white is the most versatile Feng Shui color bringing a crisp, clear and fresh energy to the space.

We’d love to know how you are using Just Add Ice Orchids to enhance your home’s Feng Shui. Post your photos or share your story on our website.

Photo credit: RobMan170