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Introducing Just Add Ice Orchids Website Spring Makeover

March 29, 2012

Spring is a time for rebirth and renewal. It’s time to throw off the last drab traces of winter and wake up your senses! The grass is greening and the trees are blooming. Yellow-headed daffodils, cheery tulips and fragrant hyacinth decorate neighborhood gardens, providing a colorful backdrop for Easter egg hunts. Displays of gorgeous purple and brilliant white Just Add Ice Orchids crowd Easter displays at local grocery and home stores. Pretty flowering shrubs and trays of happy-faced pansies are starting to show up on garden center shelves, enticing gardeners to start planting. Stores are filled with bright-colored dresses and short-sleeved shirts. Spring is here and everything is fresh and new – including the Just Add Ice Orchids website!

Visit our website and take a peek at our new look! We’ve given our website a spring makeover to make it even easier for Just Add Ice Orchid fans to find their favorite topics. Our home page now features one-click access to the most popular information on our website. With a single click, orchid lovers can now view our delightful photo gallery, get information on our famous ice cube watering method, sign up for free orchid watering reminders via email or text, watch helpful orchid care videos, get answers to their orchid care questions from our greenhouse pros, read our blog, and find out where to buy Just Add Ice Orchids in your neighborhood. The site map at the bottom of our home page makes it easier than ever to find and access the information you’re looking for about Just Add Ice Orchids.

We think you’ll like the new improvements to our website. Let us know what you think!