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Research Shows Orchids Have Positive Impact on Emotions

May 29, 2012

It’s no coincidence that looking at a beautiful orchid makes us feel happy. The 2005 Emotional Impact of Flowers Study demonstrated scientifically that flowers have a strong ability to positively impact the way we feel and can even improve our emotional health.

How the Study Worked

Led by Rutgers Professor of Psychology Jeannette Haviland-Jones, a noted international authority on emotional development, the flower power study used scientific techniques to measure the emotional reactions of 147 women of various ages and backgrounds when they received a surprise gift of flowers. Women were selected for the study on the basis of previous research demonstrating that women are more attuned to mood changes than men and more interested in mood management. Researchers measured each participant’s immediate reaction to receiving flowers, as well as the change in their emotional state before and after flowers were delivered to their homes.

The Emotional Outcome

Researchers found that flowers had a much greater power to elevate emotions than expected. Upon receiving a gift of flowers, all study participants experienced immediate feelings of pleasure, happiness and gratitude. Flower recipients also reported feeling less anxious and less depressed after receiving flowers. What surprised researchers was the longevity of the impact flowers had on the emotional well-being of their recipients. Elevated feelings of happiness and a heightened sense of satisfaction with life persisted even after flowers were gone. Flower gifts also appeared to strengthen connections between family and friends, further enhancing quality of life.

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