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Orchids in the Office Promote Creativity

June 6, 2012

As any successful business owner will tell you, a happy, productive workforce is the key to business success. Worker satisfaction pays huge dividends in increased productivity, more pleasant work environment, more attentive customer service, and improved employer/employee relations. New research indicates that nature can play a key role in creating a satisfied workforce.

Benefits of Greenery in the Office

In a recent scientific study, researchers at Texas A&M University found that worker creativity and problem-solving skills improved measurably when plants and flowers were introduced into the workplace environment. Over a period of eight months, the study measured workers’ ability to perform creative problem-solving tasks in three common office environments: offices devoid of decoration, those decorated with sculpture, and office settings that contained green plants and flowers. During task performance, researchers measured workers’ emotional engagement, creative output, and depth of concentration. The green environment elicited the highest level of innovative thinking and creative problem solving from both men and women.

In office environments decorated with green and flowering plants, men were found to generate 15% more ideas than in either of the other office settings. For women, the benefit of working in a green environment was more qualitative than quantitative. When surrounded by plants and flowers, women were able to arrive at problem solutions that were more creative and more flexible.

Orchids in the Office

Large, showy Phalaenopsis orchids are an excellent choice for office environments. Hardy and simple to grow, these attractive orchids require minimal care and thrive under both natural and artificial light. Learn more about light and location requirements for orchids here