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Surprise Dad with an Orchid on Father’s Day

June 8, 2012

In American society, we don’t generally think about giving flowers to men, but new research indicates that it’s time we changed the way we think about men and flowers – and Father’s Day is a good time to start! Recent behavioral studies by psychologists at Rutgers University found that men exhibit nearly as strong an emotional response to flowers as women do. When they received a gift of flowers, men experienced the same increased feelings of happiness and social interaction that women experienced in an earlier Rutgers study.

What the Study Proved

The Rutgers study measured the emotional responses of two similar groups of men of varying ethnicity and age. One group of men received a surprise gift of fresh flowers; the other did not. Flower recipients displayed a universal boost in happiness and demonstrated longer and more intense social interactions with researchers than men who did not receive flowers. The results are clear. Sex should no longer be a barrier to giving flowers. As the Rutgers’ study proved, your dad will experience the same joy and gratitude at receiving a Phalaenopsis orchid on Father’s Day as mom did on Mother’s Day.

Growing Orchids Also Pleases Men

Actually, men’s pleasure in growing orchids shouldn’t come as a surprise. Orchids and roses have always attracted male gardeners. The intricate beauty of these flowers, the skill required to nurture orchids, and the challenge of creating new hybrids appeals to the male psyche. Early orchid hybridizers were almost exclusively men. The development of new, easy-care Phalaenopsis hybrids has not diminished the flower’s attraction for men, but it has made it possible for men with no gardening experience to enjoy growing orchids.

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