Orchids Need a Little Tender Loving Care after Repotting

Orchids Need a Little Tender Loving Care after Repotting


Repotting is a traumatic event in the life of an orchid. After repotting, you may want to lavish a little tender loving care on your Phalaenopsis or mini for a couple of weeks to help it get re-established in its new pot. Orchids can thrive without special treatment after repotting, but a bit of TLC will give your orchid the boost it needs to grow strong and healthy.

4 Ways To Take Care of Your Orchid After Repotting

1. For 2 weeks after repotting your orchid, mist its leaves very lightly. Always mist plants early in the day so the leaves have plenty of time to dry fully before dark. To boost the plant’s nutrition, you can add 2 to 3 drops (1 to 2 drops for minis) of rooting solution or a high phosphorus plant fertilizer to the misting water.

2. The first week after repotting simply water and continue to mist your orchid on your personal schedule.


3. On the second week after repotting, fertilize your orchid, substituting rooting solution for fertilizer. Do not water your Phalaenopsis on the weeks it is fertilized. Fertilize your orchid every other week for the first month. If your plant appears to be strong and healthy, you can then move to monthly fertilizer applications.

4. Place newly repotted orchids where they will receive slightly less light than usual for 3 to 4 weeks after repotting to help reduce repotting stress.

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