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Does Your Large Orchid Plant Need More Water?

April 30, 2013

watering orchidsMany well-meaning orchid lovers end up accidentally killing their plants with too much water. Your large orchid might seem like it needs more water, however it actually only needs a little bit of water each week to sustain itself and remain the beautiful plant that you've grown to love. Watering your orchid is important because it transfers the nutrients from the soil into the plant itself. However, in order to know exactly how much water it needs, it's important to understand the basics of orchid care. You should also keep a close eye on your plant to be sure it's not getting too much water.

The Results of Excess Moisture

Excess moisture can cause root rot in your orchid. When it gets too much water, this can cause the carbon dioxide to accumulate in the potting soil. The result is an impeded flow of oxygen to the root hairs of your orchid. It's hard to tell if your plant is getting too much water unless you watch it closely and you know what to look for.  

How Much Water Does Your Orchid Really Need?

Is it true that your orchid only needs 1/4 cup of water every two weeks to survive? Just Add Ice Orchids make orchid care simple because they only need 3 ice cubes a week. It might help your peace of mind to try a simple test to be sure your orchid is getting enough water. Periodically, place a toothpick in the soil of your orchid. If it comes out clean, the orchid has enough water. If it doesn't, that means the plant has too much.

We make orchid care straight forward and simple. By following these instructions, your Just Add Ice Orchid can remain a beautiful part of your home for a long time.