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How the Leaves on the Phalaenopsis Orchid Tell A Story

May 28, 2013

Phalaenopsis orchids are beautiful plants that provide amazing blooms with minimal effort. The exotic-looking plants can be found in many countries and are dotted on coffee tables from coast to coast throughout the United States. The Phalaenopsis orchid will burst with months of delightful flowers usually in the fall and spring. There are some rules to adhere to however when it comes to tending to a Phalaenopsis orchid. One of the common problems that people run into with the Phalaenopsis orchid is yellowing leaves on the plant.

Here are some reasons why the leaves on a Phalaenopsis orchid will yellow:

  • As with other plants, yellowing leaves could be caused because they are old. It is natural for old leaves to yellow and fall off at a gradual pace. Orchid owners can tell if leaves are older by checking to see if new roots are emerging from the stem where the leaves once occurred. Those roots will eventually form a mass of roots that will be visible.
  • Leaves that yellow from the top of the plant however are an indication that there is a problem with the plant that will need to be addressed. Yellowing leaves that remain firm and plump are most likely receiving too much light, which will eventually diminish the color of the leaves on a Phalaenopsis orchid. Orchids are finicky about the amount of light that they receive. Direct light will cause sunburn and dryness so it is important to find a suitable place for your orchid where it receives plenty of sunshine without the threat of being overheated. Indirect light in a home or office will suit a Phalaenopsis orchid well.
  • When leaves on a Phalaenopsis orchid become lifeless and wrinkled the orchid is most likely dehydrated. Watering has never been easier when you sign up for our free orchid care watering reminders. With Just Add Ice Orchids, adding three ice cubes to your orchid plants once a week is your simple watering solution.

You will find many more great tips on taking care of Phalaenopsis orchids when you check out some of our other blog posts.

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