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Don’t Be Timid to Care for a Phalaenopsis Orchid, Part 1 Of 2

July 15, 2013

orchid in red potNew orchid growers are often intimidated by the thought of growing Phalaenopsis orchids because they look delicate and dainty. The good news is that growing Phalaenopsis orchids is not any harder than caring for typical house plants that you have sitting in your home or work space.

Things to Remember When Caring For Your Orchid

If you are new to caring for orchids, don’t be embarrassed by what you don’t know about Phalaenopsis orchids. Just Add Ice Orchids will provide you with invaluable information that will help to keep your orchids healthy, happy, and looking amazing!

Similarities and Differences to Other Household Plants

Caring for an orchid is not more difficult than caring for any other type of indoor plant that you are accustomed to. However, there are some differences. For example, your Just Add Ice Orchid only needs three ice cubes once a week for proper watering.

While typical house plants require potting soil to grow, orchids require a different media in order to stay healthy and thrive…and actually…survive. In the wild, orchids grow on trees and in the rocks, not in soil. When orchids are grown indoors, special products are used to mimic nature, such as moss, bark, pebbles, and coconut husks. Orchids cannot grow in a pot that retains water as this will cause the root system to rot, eventually killing the plant. To properly grow an orchid, the plant must be able to drain quickly and completely. It is important that the roots of a Phalaenopsis orchid receive good air flow in order to remain healthy.

Stay tuned as we continue our discussion in our next post on important information to remember when caring for your orchid.

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