Orchid Pop Quiz

Orchid Pop Quiz

pink orchidHow orchid-savvy are you? We’ve put together a fun, short quiz for you to find out!

Vocabulary skills

One definition of “botanical” is

  1. Orchid species that grow exclusively in rainforests
  2. Orchid species that are not typically grown commercially
  3. Orchid species whose roots grow above the bedding

[Answer: 1]

“Deciduous” refers to …

  1. hybrid orchid
  2. A potting process that includes monitoring humidity in the environment
  3. Dropping leaves at certain times

[Answer: 3]

The “anther” is …

  1. The spiky, antler-like appearance of some orchid leaves
  2. The part of the orchid that carries the pollen
  3. A multicolor species of orchid

[Answer: 2]

Orchid Care

  • True or false: Phalaenopsis are low-light orchids that are prone to damage in direct sunlight.

[Answer: True. Your Phalaenopsis plants thrive best away from direct sun.]

  • True or false: A “naked” orchid is always a dead orchid.

[Answer: False. Shedding flowers and leaves is a natural part of the orchid life cycle when your orchid enters into a state of rest.]

  • True or false: The bigger the orchid, the more water it needs.

[Answer: True. Mini orchids receive one ice cube per week, while a 5” orchid should receive three and a 6” orchid can receive four cubes.

And here’s a “gimme”:

The best way to keep your Just Add Ice orchids healthy and thriving is to …

  1. Appoint your cat as the orchid’s official guardian
  2. Serenade the plant nightly with guitar accompaniment
  3. Just add ice – three cubes a week!

How did you do? Let us know in the comments below! And if you’re interested in learning more about orchids, sign up to receive our blog posts right in your inbox.

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