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With Phalaenopsis Orchids, Ice Is Nice!

August 16, 2013

yellow orchidPhalaenopsis orchids are one of the most sought after types of orchids for those who are new to owning the beautiful plants. Known for their bright and subtle colors, Phalaenopsis orchids also have long-lasting blooms. With the right treatment, they are the perfect houseplant!

One of the most common reasons that Phalaenopsis orchids tend to fail is due to over watering. It is easy to tell when too much water has been given to an orchid because the leaves will begin to turn yellow, and the roots of the orchid will become soggy.

New orchid owners often ask “How often should I water my Phalaenopsis orchid?”

  • One way to tell if the orchid needs water is to place a finger down into the potting media. Often times the top of the media is dry, but the bottom is still damp.
  • It is also a good idea to become familiar with the general weight of your Phalaenopsis orchid before it has been watered and after it has been watered. This information will help determine if the orchid is in need of watering.
  • Consider using another source of water if the tap water is high in impurities or chemical compounds. If you choose to use tap water for watering, ice cubes made with soft water are actually better than those made with unsoften water. Unsoften water typically contains higher amounts of calcium which overtime can build up in the soil and restrict growth.
  • Just Add Ice recommends using three ice cubes once a week for the Phalaenopsis orchid. Placing the ice cubes in the potting media will allow for a slow melt and great absorption into the root system.

Things to keep in mind while watering Phalaenopsis orchids:

  • During its rest period, the Phalaenopsis orchid may not require watering quite as frequently. Don’t let the plant dry out completely though.
  • Different size plants have different watering requirements. Mini orchids require one ice cube per week, while 5” orchids need three cubes and 6” orchids take four ice cubes per week.

Just Add Ice offers free orchid watering reminders via email or text messages, as well as desktop calendar! We take the worrying out of watering when you sign up or download one of these features.s

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