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How Will Heat Affect My Phalaenopsis Orchid? Part 1 Of 2

September 11, 2013

3-on-discolored-leavesPhalaenopsis orchids are known for their hardiness and they are forgiving if we forget to water them on occasion throughout the year.  During the summertime months however, Phalaenopsis orchids can become more stressed as they are often exposed to higher temperatures in most areas throughout the United States.

Beat the Summertime Heat

Despite their usual hardiness, Phalaenopsis orchids can suffer the effect of heat stress.  Without proper attention during the summer months, orchids that are subjected to excessive heat or heat variations can be damaged or die due to the circumstances.

Although orchids are tropical plants, Phalaenopsis orchids are sensitive when it comes to being exposed to heated environments. Like many people who would spend the day exposed to the sun, they would suffer from the heat. Phalaenopsis orchids prefer a shady environment with a dose of indirect sunlight throughout the seasons. Placing an orchid plant in direct sunlight during the summer will surely cause it to receive sunburn and have it suffer from heat stress issues.

Even with your best efforts, a Phalaenopsis orchid can still suffer from heat stress issues. It is important to recognize the signs early so that you can change the orchid’s environment to help alleviate permanent damage to your plant.

Here are some things to look for when determining if your Phalaenopsis orchid is having trouble with the summer heat:

Withering or Droopy Leaves

Healthy Phalaenopsis orchid leaves are strong and healthy looking.  When an orchid plant is exposed to hot temperatures and is suffering from heat stress, the leaves will begin to wither and will take on a wrinkled appearance.

Check back for more things to keep an eye on during high-heat times.

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