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3 Reasons to Give Plants as Gifts This Holiday

December 15, 2015

You know that one person in your life for whom you always struggle to buy a gift every holiday season? That person who seemingly already has everything?

This year, don’t spend hours looking through gift guides or scouring the aisles of stores. Instead, give your loved ones a gift that keeps on giving: a plant.

Not convinced? Here are three reasons why plants make fantastic holiday gifts.

1. They’re decorative.

No matter how your loved one decorates their home, you can be sure a plant will match. Adding a touch of greenery to a room has the double effect of making the room feel cozier and more complete. Whether placed on mantles, side tables, bookshelves or countertops, plants help to tie together the décor in any room.

2. They’re good for your health.

Aside from the obvious benefits of improved air quality plants can provide, they are also known for having a calming and stress-relieving effect. By giving your loved one a plant this holiday season, you’re really giving them a beautiful reminder for better health in the new year.

3. Growing something builds confidence and self-esteem.

Taking care of plants and nurturing something as it grows is a fulfilling experience that even your friends who claim to have a “black thumb” deserve to experience. Luckily, there are plenty of low-maintenance and hearty plants you can choose when picking out your holiday gifts.

5 Low-Maintenance Plants to Give as Gifts This Holiday Season

1. A Christmas cactus

Easy to care for and seasonally appropriate? That’s why these little beauties make the perfect holiday gift. Christmas cactuses earned their name for their red blooms that pop this time of year and, as members of the succulent family, they don’t require much water to thrive.

2. A peace lily

Peace lilies are known as one of the most resilient indoor plants—even once their leaves “lie down” and appear dead, a healthy watering can have your plant perked up again within minutes. They are easy to grow, and their peaceful name makes them an appropriate choice for the holidays.

3. An orchid

Orchids have the advantage of appearing exotic and impressive, while actually being incredibly easy to care for. These flowering beauties actually need very little water and tend to stay healthiest with just three ice cubes per week.

4. A Christmas fern

Another holiday favorite, Christmas ferns can actually act as natural indoor air filters. While it doesn’t flower, you can count on this plant to maintain its beautiful color—it’s known for staying green year-round.

5. Herbs

Potted herbs are a triple threat: They look beautiful, they smell fragrant and they can be used in recipes. A small windowsill herb garden can make a great gift for the chef or health nut in your life. Look for mint, thyme, basil or oregano for herbs that are frequently used, but still require little maintenance.

Don’t let your holiday gift list get you down this year. When in doubt, put a bow on a plant and watch your recipient’s face light up.

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