3 Ways to Incorporate Orchids into Your Anniversary Celebration

3 Ways to Incorporate Orchids into Your Anniversary Celebration


Flowers are usually a go-to anniversary gift — they’ve long been associated with romantic gestures, plus they can be picked up on the go if you’re the forgetful type. If you’re celebrating an anniversary and need a gift idea, why not step out of the standard ‘flower’ box and give your significant other an orchid? Not only are they breathtaking, they’re easy to care for, last much longer than a bouquet and can be easily customized.

Here are three ways you can incorporate orchids into your anniversary celebration.

1. Give a ‘Modern’ Gift

If you’re married, you might be surprised to learn the orchid is the modern gift for the 28th year of marriage. But you don’t have to be on year 28 to give your sweetie the gift of orchids. An orchid makes a lovely addition to any home or office. Imagine your significant other’s surprise when instead of a bouquet of roses, a beautiful orchid in a brightly colored pot is delivered to his or her office. 

Though we typically think of flowers as a gift women enjoy, men can also enjoy receiving blooms. In fact, research shows men experience the same emotions as women when they receive flowers. Orchids have long attracted male gardeners thanks to their beauty. Who knows, if you give your sweetie the gift of an orchid, you might just awaken their love of gardening.

2. Use an Orchid as a Dinner Centerpiece

Create a beautiful centerpiece by personalizing your orchid. You could paint the pot with chalkboard paint and write a special message to your better half. Or you could create your own arrangement by using a few mini orchids in a decorative container. Here is some information to help you create a stunning arrangement.

3. Give an Orchid Themed Gift

There are several other ways to incorporate the theme of orchids into your anniversary. You could give an orchid themed gift in addition to the plant itself. If your significant other is a fan of jewelry, select a gem with orchid colors like orchid tourmaline or amethyst. Or you could select jewelry in the shape of an orchid. 

Other gift ideas include writing a nice note on orchid-themed paper, giving a candle in the color of an orchid or made with orchid blooms or having a picnic on orchid themed plates and napkins.

Anniversary gifts don’t have to consist of the standard bouquet of flowers or jewelry in a box. Put some flair into your special event by adding orchids to the mix.

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