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3 Ways Your Orchid Can Help Welcome Summer With Open Arms

June 23, 2017


As the weather gets warmer, you’re probably ready to begin spending as much time outdoors as possible. However, just because you’re soaking up the sun outside doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy the beauty of your orchids. With the right precautions and care, you can find several summertime uses for your plants. 

Here are a few ways orchids can brighten up your summer. 

Decorate for an Outdoor Party

Summer is the perfect time to invite friends over for a cookout or potluck, and decorating with orchids is a great way to take your backyard party to the next level. You could even spruce up your planter pots with some festive Fourth of July decorations. 

Create an Outdoor Tropical Oasis

Wishing you were spending your summer on a tropical island? Instead, bring the island life to your very own backyard by creating your own tropical oasis. You can transform a shady spot with a hammock, trickling outdoor fountain and a few colorful orchids

Add Some Flair to a Wedding

If you’re looking for a unique centerpiece idea, mini orchids can add the perfect amount of classy elegance to your summer wedding. With so many color varieties, you can easily find the right flowers to match your color scheme. 

However, if you’re going to take your orchids outside, there are a few things to keep in mind:

Only Leave Your Orchid Outside for Short Amounts of Time

Even though Phalaenopsis orchids are tropical plants, Just Add Ice Orchids thrive best when cared for indoors. However, you can take your orchids outside to enjoy for short periods of time—just remember to bring your plants back inside overnight. 

Watch Out for Sunburn

Orchids are highly susceptible to sunburn, so make sure you don’t leave your plant in direct sunlight. You may need to water your orchid more often if it spends a lot of time outdoors. If the leaves of your orchid start to turn red, remove your plant from the heat and place back in a cool, moist environment.

Be Wary of Sudden Weather Changes

You don’t want to risk leaving your orchid outside during a sudden summer rainstorm, so make sure you keep an eye on the weather and keep your plant inside unless you’re enjoying the outdoors with it. 

Whether you’re getting ready for a party or simply creating a tropical oasis, mini orchids can bring your space to life. Purchase some in bulk here.

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