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4 Ways to Give Orchids this Holiday Season

December 22, 2015

This holiday season, you’ve likely read about the benefits of giving orchids as gifts. The colorful blooms aren’t your standard holiday present and can make a beautiful surprise for anyone receiving them.

But did you know flowers like Phalaenopsis orchids have the power to heal? Studies have shown a gift of flowers can improve mood and speed healing.

In addition to gifts for friends and family, orchids can make a special surprise for those who can’t spend the holidays with their families. Here are a few ideas for donating orchids this holiday season.

1. Donate to a Hospital

Most people think of donating money to hospitals. But a donation of a brightly colored orchid can make a patient’s day a little better. Unlike traditional flowers, Phalaenopsis orchids are simple to care for and can be taken with the patient when he or she leaves the hospital. Mini orchids make an ideal donation because of their size and portability from one location to another. Buying mini orchids in bulk is a simple and cost-effective way to make several donations.

2. Donate to a Nursing Home

Nothing brightens up the room of a nursing home resident like a beautiful Phalaenopsis orchid. Orchids add a touch of color and they are simple to care for. You could donate several orchids for use in communal areas, such as a dining room or auditorium, lobby or TV room.

3. Donate to a Hospice Facility

Adding a bright bloom or two to an environment can provide of sense of happiness for hospice patients. Flowers also can be a conversation starter among patients, visitors and staff.

4. Donate to a University or School

If you have an alma mater you’re fond of, why not donate a few orchids to add a splash of color to gathering spaces like dining halls or lobbies? Or if you can, provide a case of mini orchids for students to care for as a class project.

Orchids make beautiful gifts whether you’re giving one to a family member or friend, or donating a few to brighten someone’s day. Ready to shop for the perfect gift? Visit the Just Add Ice online store.

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