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5 Inexpensive Home Decor Ideas

October 13, 2015


Home decorating can be fun and overwhelming at the same time. You’ve got to get inspired, find what you want, and figure out the cost. Good thing you don’t need to spend a lot of time or effort to create a beautiful home.

We’ve compiled five inexpensive home decor hacks that will easily liven up your home decor.


Become an Artist

You don’t need an artistic touch to add some flair to your home. If you’ve got a blank wall or two, consider using painted canvases to brighten things up. All you’ll need is a large canvas (think large enough to be a focal point), some latex or acrylic paint of your choice and a paint brush, and voila! You’ve got an inexpensive way to decorate (and show off your art skills.)

For a different look, try adding a pattern to your painting by using painter’s tape or sponges. This tutorial walks you through how to easily create a herringbone-pattern canvas.

Create an Indoor Garden

Having plants indoors can have several benefits. And creating a terrarium is an easy, unique way to display them. All you need to create a terrarium is a large glass container with a lid, some moss or stones and the plants of your choice. Mini Phalaenopsis orchids, moss and succulents make for a beautiful, bright combination. This post offers step-by-step instructions for creating your own.

Make a Statement Accessory

Paint and fabric go a long way to transform many things, including accent trays. To create a unique lined tray, get fabric or paint of your choice. If you’re using fabric, an inexpensive decorative place mat can be just the right size for the bottom of the tray (some spray adhesive and Scotchgard can also come in handy here). For instructions and ideas, check out this tutorial.

Display Your Photos

Pick some of your best shots and display them in identical frames in a tight grid or long lines. To create a theme, pick photos from the same events, like birthdays, holidays, weddings or some nature photos. For extra flair, paint or decorate the frames.

Redesign a Lampshade

For a linen shade, use painter’s tape and a permanent marker to color the edges with a color that matches your decor. For a more interesting look, use a copy shop to blow up a print or photo and wrap it around the shade.

Making your home bright and unique doesn’t have to break the bank. Let your creativity loose with these tips.

Download our guide and learn how to decorate with mini orchids