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5 Things you Probably Didn’t Know about Phalaenopsis Orchids

November 4, 2013

Orchid-FactsPhaleanopsis orchids got their name in the 1800’s, but have been around even longer. Over hundreds of years, a lot of interesting info has turned up about the Phalaenopsis family. Did you know that Phals can sometimes live for decades, reblooming once a year? It’s true!

Here are some more little-known, slightly unusual facts about Phals:

Where did the Phal get its name?

“Phalaenopsis” comes from the Latin words “phal”, meaning moth, and “opsis” meaning appearance. Carl Ludwig Blume, the guy responsible for the name, allegedly thought they looked like moths in flight. This is why we call them “moth orchids.”

Do Phals have babies?

In a sense. Phalaenopsis orchids grow brand new phals along their stems. These new phals will grow a root system all their own and will then leave the mama plant to become grown up orchids.

Can Phals get sunburned?

Definitely. Phalaenopsis orchids can sunburn just like us humans if exposed to too much light. A full-blown sunburn can make your orchid’s leaves wither, turn yellow, and get white or brown splotches on its surface. If you happen to notice your orchids’ leaves turning a reddish hue, move them somewhere shady and keep ‘em hydrated. Check out this blog post for more detailed advice on how to prevent orchid sunburn!­­­­­­­

Is there really an Orchid Island?

Yep! Orchid Island is a volcanic island off Taiwan’s coast. Originally called “Red-headed Island,” “Orchid Island” was renamed after the Phalaenopsis orchids that grow in the region.

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