5 Tips for a Successful New Year

5 Tips for a Successful New Year

Happy new year! No doubt 2020 was a tumultuous year for everyone, and simply surviving was enough of a goal. If you’re (understandably) leery of making resolutions in 2021, or maybe you’re just not the resolution-making type, we have a few suggestions to make 2021 a successful year at least in your little corner of the world.

5 tips for a successful new year

Update your calendar with reminders

Take 30 minutes to make sure your calendar is up to date with all the important things you need to remember this year — everything from birthdays and anniversaries to when you need to change your car’s oil, the filters in your home or maybe even cancel something that automatically renews.

Buy greeting cards in advance

Rather than buying birthday, anniversary, etc., cards on an as-needed basis, buy them all at once and save yourself a trip! While you’re at it, stock up on stamps so they’re ready to toss in the mail at the appropriate time.

Make appointments in advance

It’s important that you remember to prioritize your health among all your other responsibilities. Call all your care providers and schedule your annual appointments with them now so you don’t have to squeeze it in later.

Clean out your closets

Now is a great time to donate any clothing you didn’t wear or items you didn’t use over the past year (or maybe even the year before). Organizing your life and its many closets provides stress relief, increases productivity and even helps you sleep better, experts say.

Need some inspiration? Stream these shows to get some ideas: Tidying Up with Marie Kondo and Minimalism: A Documentary about the Important Things.

Refresh your workspace

8-6AnthuriumHomeOffice - 1Zoom calls aren’t going away any time soon, so now is a great time to give your workspace a quick tidy and a face lift. Consider repositioning items like shelves or your desk, hanging new art, and adding a plant or two to brighten the scene.

Here are four ways to optimize your background for your next Zoom call. 

Rather than creating new year’s resolutions that may be too hard to uphold, consider completing these small tasks intended to keep your 2021 running smoothly.

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