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5 Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for Plant Lovers

January 11, 2024

Valentine’s Day is coming sooner than you think, and you need gift ideas for plant lovers. This year don’t spend hours scouring the aisles of stores for something less obvious. Instead, give your loved one a gift that keeps on giving and one you’ll know they love: a plant. Luckily, there’s still time!  

Whether you’re seeing someone new or planning a romantic evening with a longtime love, you can make the day memorable and meaningful with these original Valentine's Day gift ideas for plant lovers. 

Great Gift-Giving Ideas 

Go Local 

Visit a local attraction like a botanical garden, arboretum, or even a museum in the area—and then get dinner at a restaurant in your city. Use this date night to explore something you haven’t done before in your city; it’s fun to find new activities to enjoy together and get the most out of where you live!  

Try a DIY Project Together 

Doing a hands-on activity is a great way to mix up date night and try something new! Instead of just dinner or a movie, check out a local garden center for a class on how to make a terrarium or fairy garden. You could also take a pottery class together and make a pot for a plant you love or try a paint-and-sip night and create some garden-inspired artwork.  For more DIY projects you can make together, including orchid centerpieces, check out our DIY inspiration blog. 

Bring Home Something Bright  

Great gift ideas for plant lovers can last for seasons. Give your loved one something stunning and bright, which is sure to brighten their mood and make them feel special. We have so many unique gift options at Just Add Ice®. If you’re looking for something beautiful that doesn’t stray too far from traditional flowers or a bouquet, go with an orchid! They last quite a while and are easy to care for. You can also think outside the box and pick up a beautiful crimson-red anthurium, with heart-shaped leaves and flowers that perfectly capture love and affection. Anthuriums are the world’s longest-blooming plant; each flower spike can last up to eight weeks! What better way to show your lasting love than with a long-lasting gift? There are also long-lasting bromeliads, which don’t require much when it comes to care and come in shades of red and pink – perfect for Valentine’s Day! Also, by giving your loved one a plant this Valentine’s Day, you’re giving them a beautiful reminder that nurturing something as it grows is a fulfilling experience.  

Make a Plant-Based Meal 

Cook your love a tasty plant-based meal like this three-course dinner from Oh She Glows. You can even incorporate edible flowers as an accent in your salad or entree. Prefer a breakfast-in-bed approach? Try these strawberry shortcake pancakes. 

Happy Planning! 

Your Valentine's Day celebration doesn't have to be elaborate or expensive to be meaningful. Simply making a project together, enjoying a meal, or reminding your sweetheart of your enduring love with a long-lasting gift can go a long way. We hope you’ll find inspiration in one of these ideas to make your Valentine’s Day better with gift ideas for plant lovers!