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5 Ways to Liven Up Your Living Room with Color

September 22, 2015

Your living room is probably your go-to room when company arrives. It’s the room you rely on to be stylish and inviting when an unexpected guest drops by, so redecorating it takes careful consideration and some creativity.  

When sprucing up this area, repainting the walls, putting in new carpet or buying new furniture all require selecting a color scheme. Here are five ways you can enhance your living room’s renovations with a colorful palette:

1. Center up your centerpiece

If you’ve had that same faux bouquet forever, it’s time for a change. Brighten up your room with some colorful flora that complements the colors you use for the rest of the room. Use a variety of flowers for a full rainbow that will accent any color scheme. This tutorial on unique centerpieces should give you some ideas on how to get started.

2. Throw out those throw pillows

Jazz up your living room by getting rid of your old throw pillows and picking out new ones. Though they are small, they have the power to change the ambiance of the whole room. Choose a texture that correlates with other textures throughout the room for a connected, finished look.

3. End the boredom on your end tables

Those small tables may not be the central focal point of your room, but why not use the space for some color? Set the mood with a bowl of fruit (real or artificial). Get brightly colored candles or colorful hard-bound books to set atop the tables for a lived-in vibe some living rooms don’t have.

4. Fire up that fireplace

Maybe you’ve had your family portrait or your favorite vase on the mantel since you moved in. Time to change up your fireplace scenery and add some color that will accent your new decor. Add some elegance by hanging your favorite artwork or an interesting clock that matches the rest of the room.

5. Wind up your windowsill

There are many additions you can make in this nook of your living room. From lining the sill with your favorite plants to converting it into a candle shelf for that romantic look, the possibilities are endless when it comes to what you can put in this space. Choose colors that are consistent with the main colors in the room.

Think of your living room as a blank canvas — there is no limit on ways to accentuate the main colors in the room. One last way to give your living room a splash of color is by adding mini orchids. Orchids are a beautiful, inexpensive and charming way to enhance any living room decor. They create a wonderful atmosphere and have a fresh, clean scent. Perhaps you could paint the flower pot to match your main color, or set it on a dish of an accent color in your room. Wherever you choose to put them, they are sure to spruce up your living room.

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