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How to Buy Orchids Online

November 10, 2020

Have you been trying to find the best place to buy orchids online? It's important to know what you're looking for. Let’s face it: as convenient as online shopping can be, sometimes the product that arrives in the mail isn’t what you were expecting.

This can be especially true when buying orchids online. The flowers that arrive on your doorstep don’t always compare to the bright and beautiful photos on the website. We know this all too well and have taken extra care and precaution to ensure that our Just Add Ice® plants meet your expectations when you buy orchids online.

3 Tips for Buying Orchids Online

No. 1: What You See is What You Get 

Colors, flowers, and pots may not be guaranteed on other floral sites. But when you buy orchids online with us we guarantee that the orchid color and pot you see online is what you will receive. We grow all of our flowers and they are shipped straight from the greenhouse to your home. Make sure you are purchasing orchids from a company that accurately illustrates their flowers online. 

No. 2: Meeting Last-Second Delivery Dates 

When you buy orchids online you most likely want them to arrive as soon as possible. We have an average delivery time of 3-5 business days. Shipping rates vary depending on the product you purchase so that you're never overcharged.

No. 3: Make Sure Your Product Stays Safe During Shipping

Our unique shipping boxes have made us pioneers in the potted floral industry. These boxes keep our plants intact and healthy through a rigorous shipping process. We have put the following best practices and methods into place to ensure a smooth shipping and delivery through small parcel channels. Make sure the company you buy orchids online from is able to meet these standards that we focus on consistently. 

  • Double-wall corrugated cardboard boxes both for durability, box integrity, and keeping temperature controlled
  • Heat packs, mylar sheets and taped seams to keep the tropical product warm during shipping in colder months
  • Custom cardboard tray inserts that keep the plant in place and secure
  • Sleeves to protect the product from rubbing up against the cardboard and getting damaged
  • Rubber bands around the base of the plant to keep the soil/bark in place
  • Ethyl Block Sachet packs in the box absorb the plant hormone ethylene, which orchids emit similar to bananas or other fruit. This hormone can cause blooms to wilt and die in an enclosed container. The pack keeps them vibrant and thriving.
Put Our Products to the Test

We conduct many tests throughout the shipping process to understand how our orchids and packaging hold up. We do this by sending sample packages through actual shipping carriers, as well as simulating the shipping environment in our greenhouse. We document the whole process with pictures and notes, and make any adjustments necessary.

If you are looking to buy orchids online and want the peace of mind of ordering from a trusted provider, visit our online shop today to get started. After you receive your orchid, don't forget to leave a review to let other shoppers know what you think.