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Decorating the Holiday Halls with Indoor Plants

December 1, 2022

Want to know an easy, eco-friendly way to fill your home with holiday cheer? Decorate your halls with indoor plants! Need a centerpiece or something to dress up your fireplace? These natural decorations add a touch of elegance and class, making your home airy and bright long after the holidays are over.

We’ve picked a few of our classics along with some ideas to get you started. If you’re stressing about holiday gifts, these are also great options for plant lovers!


Anthuriums are a must-have this holiday season with their beautiful red and green leaves adding pops of holiday color. They also make for great Valentine’s decor, are long-lasting and easy to care for, making them a great plant to have all year. 

Use them as table centerpieces at big events or at your own dining room table. For added holiday flair, add some red poinsettias in a silver tin with a cute silver snowflake pick.

Money Trees

This holiday, add a little luck to the mix with a money tree to deck your holiday halls. Money trees can serve as miniature Christmas trees for small spaces and add just the right amount of holiday cheer and flair. If you want even more luck, consider the tan-colored Money Tree duo planter. 

For added color, you can pair the money tree with a white and yellow orchid + red amaryllis planter.

White Mini Orchids

Let it snow! Create a crisp, wintery vibe to indoor spaces with several mini white orchids. The smallest of all of our orchids, minis require less water, are easy to care for, and bloom throughout the year. White poinsettias pair well with these orchids and add to your indoor winter wonderland.

Sprinkle these plants throughout the house and add some white lights to the mix for a truly striking effect.

A Special Treat Just for the Holidays

Deck your holiday halls with the new beauties in our holiday collection or give them as gifts to friends, holiday party hosts, neighbors and anyone else you want to show appreciation to this season. From red amaryllis flowers to candy-pink-cinnamon poinsettias to icy blue orchids, these pieces are sure to get the attention of your guests. Don’t wait too long! These stunning seasonal beauties are available only for a limited time.