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Easy DIY Orchid Centerpiece to Make Any Room Sparkle

October 20, 2022


No centerpiece for your holiday dinners? No worries! This easy DIY orchid centerpiece project is a fun way to showcase your orchid and give your guests plenty to talk about!

What you'll need: A large glass vase, decorative stones, water, 5" orchid and sterilized scissors. Pro Tip: If you have a small table, you can use a mini orchid and small vase instead.

1. Add Stones


Carefully add the decorative stones to the bottom of the glass vase. The decorative stones should fill about ¼ of the vase.

2. Cut


Using sterile scissors, cut the orchid spikes off the base of the orchid and then determine how much of the spike you need to trim off for the orchid to fit in the vase.

Pro Tip: The spike should fit down into the decorative stones with the end of the orchid touching the bottom of the vase. This will help prevent your orchid from floating!

3. Add Water


Slowly add room-temperature tap water to the vase until it's an inch from the top. Avoid pouring water on top of the orchid as the force of the water can cause the blooms to fall off.

4. Decorate


Ta-da! You've just created a beautiful centerpiece that will certainly be the topic of conversation at your holiday parties.

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