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Important Orchid Plant Care To-Dos for Cooler Weather

October 13, 2022

orchid air rootsWith proper care, orchids can stay healthy all winter, keeping summer alive and spirits high with their vibrant colors. They can also do double duty by serving as festive, eco-friendly holiday decorations and gifts.

One of the most low-key houseplants, the Phalaenopsis orchid needs minimal care, even in winter, but you do need to tweak a few things to ensure your orchid thrives. 

Location, Location, Location

Orchids need indirect light, so placing them near a sunny window is ideal. Place in a north or east-facing window to avoid direct sunlight as your plant can get sunburned!

Here’s where it gets a bit tricky: Vents are often located near windows, and the dry heat they emit in cold weather can dehydrate your tropical, humid-loving plant. 

If you can’t find a sunny spot for your orchid that is also away from vents, consider closing that particular vent. You can also humidify the air to keep your orchid — and your nasal passages — happy. 

Orchids make great centerpieces, especially if your dining room or kitchen table is located in a sunny spot. We all want to avoid obnoxious neighbors, orchids included, so avoid placing them near produce. Ripening fruit emits ethylene gas, which can cause your orchids to suddenly lose their blooms! 

Give Your Orchid a Winter Health Checkup

While fall colors are beautiful, you don’t want your orchid to have yellowing leaves. This is often  a sign of root rot. Although there are a few reasons for root rot, one major culprit is overwatering.

What do healthy orchid roots look like? They are bright green and plump. If your plant’s roots are dry and gray, it may need more water. Wrinkled leaves also point to your plant needing more water, but don’t overdo it! 

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Wake Up Your Orchid with Cooler Temps

It should be no surprise that orchids are symbols of love and beauty, which makes it so heartbreaking when those brilliant blooms drop! You may know by now that your orchid is in the vegetative state, and with proper care, will bloom once more.

Here’s one good thing about the arrival of colder weather: It’s the perfect time to encourage those spikes to bloom once more! Place your orchid in a cooler room for about a week and you just may have a beautiful centerpiece for your Thanksgiving table!

If your orchid is being a bit shy about re-blooming, you can always order another orchid to add a festive flair, particularly watercolor orchids that come in an array of colors, including orange!