Go-To Tips for Better Summer Orchid Care

Go-To Tips for Better Summer Orchid Care

summer-orchid-careSummer is right around the corner. Time to head outdoors and soak up the sun’s warm rays. Like you, Phalaenopsis orchids love the summer; however, summer weather can pose problems for your plant. Today, we’re sharing a few tips to help keep your orchid healthy this summer.

1. Let the (Indirect) Sunshine in

Orchids love bright light, but direct sunlight can cause sunburn. An easy way to ensure your plant isn’t receiving too much sun is to place it in a north or east-facing window behind a sheer curtain. Sheer curtains will block out the majority of harmful direct light and allow the right amount of sunlight in. Alternatively, you can place your orchid in a well-lit part of your home, keeping it out of the direct path of the sun.

2. Keep Your Orchid Cool at Night

Your orchid may lap up the summer warmth (65-80 degrees Fahrenheit) during the day, but at night, it prefers to chill out to slightly cooler temperatures. When the sun goes down, make sure the room with your orchid cools to a temperature between 55-65 degrees Fahrenheit. If you use air conditioning or fans to keep your home cool, keep your orchid away from the direct flow of air.

3. Bump Up the Humidity

Orchids revel in humidity. If you live in a humid climate, you’ll want to give your plant plenty of exposure. Opening your windows after a storm will allow humid air to enter your home. If you live in a drier climate, there are a number of ways you can bump up the humidity around your orchid. See this blog for more information

4. The Importance of the Plastic Grower Pot

The plastic grower pot (the pot that contains your orchid) is an overlooked asset to your orchid’s health. Just Add Ice® Orchids are grown and sold in plastic grower pots for good reason. These pots ensure sufficient drainage and allow you to clearly see your orchid’s roots.

If you are planning to repot your orchid this summer, be sure to use a new, larger plastic pot. Once you have repotted your orchid in the plastic pot, you can slip it directly into your decorative pot.

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