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4 Health Benefits of Houseplants

May 3, 2022

You've heard indoor plants are good for your physical and mental health, but do you know why? Plants are so much more than decoration. These living, breathing beauties are beneficial in numerous and surprising ways.

Here are four mental (and physical) health benefits of houseplants:

Mental Health Benefits of Houseplants

May is Mental Health Awareness month, so if you're contemplating buying your first houseplant or you just want to deepen your appreciation of the ones you have, these mental health benefits of indoor plants are sure to inspire you:

Indoor Plants Reduce Stress and Increase Happiness

A recent study revealed indoor plants to have a positive psychological impact during the pandemic lockdown, but you don't need to read a scientific article to tell that aesthetically-pleasing environments with natural elements impact the psyche in a positive way. They can even help you beat those winter blues!

And here's a dirty little secret: The bacteria in soil act as antidepressants by triggering serotonin production. When we don't have enough of this "happy" hormone, we may fall prey to depression and anxiety.

Houseplants Boost Productivity

Plenty of research indicates that plants also improve productivity. This makes sense, especially in light of the previous point. If you feel better mentally, you'll probably be more productive. If your home office doesn't have windows (or even if it does), consider greening your space with a houseplant, such as a money tree to bring luck and prosperity!

Physical Health Benefits of Houseplants

Our mental states can affect our physical health and the reverse is also true, so it's imperative we take care of both simultaneously. 

Indoor Plants Help You Breathe Easier

Indoor air pollution resulting from biological and chemical contaminants can make us sick. Many indoor plants help you breathe easier by absorbing harmful toxins like carbon dioxide, benzene and formaldehyde.

The smooth, broad leaves of many indoor plants can also help capture dust. A study by Washington State University found indoor plants reduced dust in office environments by as much as 20%. 

Indoor plants are also natural humidifiers. They absorb water through their roots and then release it back into the air in a process called transpiration. This makes them perfect for office environments where the air is often too dry. 

Houseplants Help Your Immune System

Emotional stress and environmental pollutants can wreak havoc on your immune system. While having indoor plants won't guarantee you'll never get sick, they do play a role in keeping your immune system from being overtaxed by improving mood and indoor air quality.

And remember those serotonin-boosting microbes found in soil? They naturally boost your immune system as well, so order an indoor plant for your home or office today!