6 Amazing Health Benefits of Indoor Plants

6 Amazing Health Benefits of Indoor Plants


You already know indoor plants are great for your home or office decor. But you may not realize they're good for your health, too. 

Here are six amazing health benefits of indoor plants.

Indoor Plants Purify The Air

Indoor air pollution from HVAC systems, toxins and poor circulation can make us sick. Many indoor plants absorb harmful toxins like carbon dioxide, benzene and formaldehyde, which can help you breathe easier. A study by the University of Technology in Sydney (UTS) found indoor plants reduced carbon dioxide emissions by 10%.

Another study by Washington State University found indoor plants reduced dust in office environments by as much as 20%. 

Some of the best air-purifying plants are orchids, chrysanthemums, bromeliads and peace lilies. 

They Add Humidity

Indoor plants are natural humidifiers. They absorb water through their roots and then release it back into the air in a process called transpiration. This makes them perfect for office environments, where the air is often too dry. 

They've been shown to reduce coughing and wheezing, dry eyes, nose and throat and even perceptions of pain. 

They Boost Your Immune System

In addition to removing toxins, indoor plants also help remove bacteria from the air. This keeps illness from spreading, especially during colder months when most of us spend more time indoors. 

Indoor Plants Reduce Stress

There's also the psychological benefits of being in touch with nature. The more time we spend inside, the more we long to be outdoors. One study by the University of Oregon found employees who simply had a view of the outdoors in their office took fewer sick days!  

As a result, more workplaces are bringing elements of the outdoors in, a trend known as biophilia.  Research cited in the UTS report found employees who worked in environments with indoor plants reduced feelings of stress and negative moods by 40% on average.

They Boost Productivity

The same research found employees who worked near indoor plants experienced increased productivity, performance and job satisfaction. 

They Make You Happier

When you feel better physically and mentally and you're thriving in your job, it only makes sense that your emotional state improves. 

Plants make us healthier and happier—it's as simple as that.

Order an indoor plant for your home or office today!