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Holiday Gift Ideas from Just Add Ice® Orchids

December 9, 2014

The holiday season is fast approaching! As you’re making your list (and checking it twice…), you’re probably also busy figuring out the best gifts for your loved ones. Just Add Ice® Orchids can make the perfect personalized holiday gift for a variety of people. 

Let’s take a look at just how versatile of a holiday gift orchids can be.

Who in your life would like to receive an orchid as a present? 

  • First, the obvious choice: the plant lovers. If you have loved ones who spend their weekends gardening or treat their houseplants like pets, it’s a safe bet they’d enjoy an exotic gift like an orchid. 
  • A green thumb isn’t a requirement to be an orchid owner. Plant novices are also a great choice to receive an orchid this holiday season. Phalaenopsis orchids are low maintenance and tend to experience a lengthy blooming cycle, making them a great choice for someone with little experience caring for plants. 
  • Due to their exotic appearance, orchids make unique gifts for your world traveler friends. Orchids’ colorful blooms and elegantly arched stems will fit in perfectly with other worldly souvenirs and decorations. 
  • Perhaps the most challenging person to shop for is the person who has everything. If you know someone who already owns enough “things,” an orchid can be a great way to show him or her you care without risking a duplicate gift. 

What are the best gifts to pair with orchids? 

If you’re considering gifting an orchid in addition to another present for a little something extra, there are a few classic pairings that are sure to please any recipient.  Give your loved ones an orchid and…

...a nice bottle of wine. Do you have a wine aficionado on your gifting list? Pairing a nice bottle of their favorite white or red with an orchid is a great way to recognize their preferences while adding a personal touch. 

…a gift certificate. When given alone, gift certificates can often feel like impersonal and uncreative gifts. However, when paired with an orchid, you can amp up the gift quality while still maximizing the options a gift certificate provides. 

...a piece of jewelry. They say good things often come in small packages, but a nice box of jewelry is even better when given alongside an orchid. Your loved one will appreciate something beautiful to wear and something beautiful to showcase in his or her home. 

What’s the best way to personalize a holiday orchid? 

Orchid pots can act as blank canvases, allowing you to add a personal touch before giving your gift. Whether adding paint, writing a message or even using holiday wrapping paper, taking the time to personalize your gifted plant makes it even more special. 

For even more ideas of how to personalize your holiday orchid, download our guide and learn five new ways to make your plant unique.

5 Ways to Personalize Your Orchid Plant