How to Use Orchid Colors In Your Décor

How to Use Orchid Colors In Your Décor

One of the best and most versatile qualities of orchids is just how many orchid colors are available. With so many colors to choose from, you won’t have to worry about struggling to find an orchid that matches your home décor. Instead, your biggest challenge will be choosing what color best complements your personal style.

Luckily, we have a few tips to help you figure out it.

Using Orchid Colors In Your Decor


1. Match Your Orchid Color to Another Accent Color

Since too much matching can sometimes look overdone, choose a subtle accent color in a particular room — the bright red of a throw pillow, the soft pink of a painting or the deep burgundy of an area rug, perhaps — and match it to your orchid’s color to help tie the whole room together. Your orchid will look like it belongs naturally with your décor, without being overly matched.

2. Coordinate with Paint Colors

Since the paint color of a room sets the tone for the space, choosing an orchid that complements the wall color is a great place to start. However, unless the room you’re choosing to display your orchid in only utilizes in accent wall, you probably don’t want to match with the paint color directly. Instead, think of a color that complements the paint — like a bright pink orchid against soft grey paint or a deep purple orchid with cream colored walls.

3. Go Neutral

There are few things more beautiful than a classic white orchid. If your living space already has numerous different colors or patterns involved in the décor, your best bet might be to go neutral with your orchid color. Luckily, since orchids are already so dramatic and exotic, you won’t have to worry about a neutral color being less interesting.

4. Go With Your Gut

The most important decorative choice you can make with your orchid is one that makes you happy. If you think a certain color looks great in your home — even if it doesn’t necessarily match by decorative standards — you should embrace the mismatch and pick the color you love. Remember, as long as you love it, nothing else matters.

From pinks, purples, oranges, blues, whites and everything in between, one thing’s for sure: all orchid colors are beautiful. Whichever color you choose and however you plan to match it to your décor, you’re already guaranteed to improve the beauty of your home.

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