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Back to School Gifts: Ideas for Teachers and Students

August 9, 2022

Going back to school after the summer can be bittersweet for both teachers and students. With these simple back-to-school gift ideas, you can show appreciation to teachers and encourage new college or grad students as they take their first step on a new – and often daunting – adventure.

Back to School Gift Ideas for Teachers

In addition to the time and energy teachers spend actually teaching in the classroom, they also spend hours upon hours planning lessons, attending Individual Education Plan (IEP) meetings, decorating the classroom, addressing parent concerns and more. Start the school year strong by showing your appreciation the moment the doors open.


E.P. Bertin said, “It is not what is poured into the student, but what is planted, that counts.” 

Sow the seed of appreciation with an exotic plant that is easy to maintain. Premium orchids and petite orchids add a pop of color to the teacher’s desk while also providing fun teaching opportunities that go beyond the standard curriculum. 

Tips for good teaching moments: Teachers can use the orchid’s blooming cycles as well as orchid care practices, such as spike trimming and repotting, as mini life science lessons. Students can even take turns watering the orchid weekly with ice. 

Flameless Candles

Provide a bit of coziness to the classroom without the fire hazard with an electric candle. To go the extra mile, purchase a pack of batteries for the LED candle. Teachers can incorporate these candles into the everyday decor or bring them out for an added flair during the holidays.

Teacher Stamps

These self-inking stamps save teachers time when providing student feedback, a gift they’re sure to appreciate. Teachers can include their signature or encouraging messages like, “Great Job!” or “Keep up the good work!” Students love stamps and stickers, so this is a win-win!

Back to School Gift Ideas for College and Grad Students

Whether you have a college or grad student preparing to return to school or enter high ed for the first time, consider gifting them one of these plants to beautify their space while providing some encouragement along the way.

Money Trees

Long-lasting and easily maintained, the Just Add Ice® Money Tree plants brighten up institutional-looking dorm rooms with their bright green foliage. The Money Tree also serves as a good-humored reminder to students that money does not grow on trees! This plant does have the reputation for bringing good luck, which can come in handy for those dreaded midterms and finals. 


The world’s longest blooming plant, Anthuriums add a splash of color and festivity year-round. Anthuriums work as sustainable decor for multiple holidays and bring students a bit of cheer during those dreary winter months.


For graduate students of botany, horticulture or related fields, an orchid planter might be in order. Both stunning and stylish, these orchid planters make a statement, yet caring for them is easy. They even come in different sizes to accommodate a variety of spaces.

Having a bit of nature indoors can be a great stress reliever, making easy care indoor plants the perfect back-to-school gifts for students and teachers. If they’re nervous about how to care for their plants, they can always visit our care site, follow us on Instagram or simply give us a call!

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